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Increasing the life chances of young people through improved communications skills.



Take Two promotes and encourages partnerships with business that focus on work related learning and careers activities to improve young peoplescommunication skills and readiness for the world of work.

With the support of the European Union and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we have developed new and exciting projects on a national and international basis. Take Two, Take Two Europe and our newest project, Take Two: Time for Change.

The success of the Take Two partnership has driven this expansion. We currently work with colleagues in Salford, Westminster, Bulgaria and Finland and anticipate new partners coming on board in the near future. Thanks to the funding from the EU and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, this growth has enabled us to develop high quality programmes and business partnerships to support the ethos of Take Two. Since its initial launch in 2011 the Take Two programme has worked with over 500 young people and 20 education establishments across the UK and the EU.

 For more information on each individual Take Two project please visit the relevant section.


Monday the 13th October was an exciting and creative opportunity for Take Two Europe to showcase the impact of its work. This final seminar was a huge success with representation from all partner countries and our host country. It was held in Lisbon, Portugal at ESHTE- Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril.

We welcomed key speakers from academia and business including the BBC, YLE, NBU, FMH to name just a few. Our seminar report and products showcased as part of this seminar are all available on this website.

For more information and a report on this final seminar please see our Take Two Europe section.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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