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Take Two Archive


Graduation 2013


Last month we celebrated the graduation of our second cohort of Take Two students. Over 50 students from William Morris Academy, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College, Fulham College Boys School, Fulham Cross Girls School, Cambridge School, Burlington Danes School and Phoenix High School completed the programme in 2012 and their achievements were celebrated at the BBC offices in White City.

Andrew Christie, Executive Director of Childrens Services for the Tri-borough area of west London (Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster) handed out certificates to the graduating students in front of an audience of their mentors, teachers and parents.

In recognition of the time that volunteer business mentors give up to the Take Two programme the Antony Lillis Volunteer of the Year Award was also awarded at the graduation.  The award is names in honour of former Hammersmith and Fulham Councillor Antony Lillis who was a keen supporter of the work of the Education Business Partnership which runs the Take Two scheme.  Congratulations to Caroline Wilkinson of BBC Worldwide who was given the award after being nominated by her mentee Rahima.  Rahima said that she nominated Caroline because
“having a mentor in my future job that I hope to get is such an amazing thing. I have grown in my knowledge into furthering my career choice whether it’s to go to University or even start my own business. She has guided me through the ups and downs I have had throughout the year.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our mentors and other volunteers who supported Take Two activity throughout 2012.  We would also like to say congratulations to our students and to leave you with another sample of the work they have produced on the programme with the support of BBC Outreach, the Silver Screen Film Club and St Stephen's Primary School: William Morris Film


Take Two Premieres

Students from Fulham Cross putting together their green screen drama


As part of the Take Two programme students from local schools have been working with BBC volunteers on media projects aimed at boosting the students’ communication skills, confidence and self-esteem.  To celebrate their achievements the EBP, in partnership with Hammersmith London, will be premiering their projects on the big screen in Lyric Square, Hammersmith, at 1pm on Tuesday 17th July.

Sporting Memories and Sporting Ambitions: Students from Henry Compton school were tasked with creating a documentary to capture the sporting memories of Queens Park Rangers Extra Time fitness club for the over 65’s.  The students were trained in interview, camera and editing skills and were asked to plan and run the whole filming session.  The final film was such a success that the Extra Time club took charge of a second film Sporting Ambitions in which the young people were interviewed about their sporting interests and plans for the future.  Both films will be screened.

Young People and the Media: Students from Fulham Cross School were asked to create a short drama on the theme of the portrayal of youth in the media.  The students received help from BBC Scriptwriters in drawing up their final script and then went on the film the drama at the BBC against a green screen which allowed them to project the backdrop of their choice onto each scene.  The students focussed the theme on the portrayal of teenage pregnancy in the media, providing a thought provoking slant on the issue.

Where We Are From: Students from Phoenix High School were asked to create a short radio programme introducing their local area.  The students worked with a producer from BBC Radio 5 Live to create the final programme which included interviews with Emma Hinds, the General Manager of Westfield London and local celebrities Linford Christie and Les Ferdinand.  The programme will be played to slide show of photos of students taking part in Take Two programme activity.

If you are in the area, join us in the square for the screening.

Take Two, Europe!


Take Two's European expansion 2012-14


School’s out for summer.  With the students having slammed their textbooks in their lockers and swanned off into the sunshine for six weeks you’d have thought things would be quieting down for Take Two until the leaves start dropping from the trees in September.  Following exciting news from Brussels last week, however, we have more to do than ever.

The EU Comenius programme has funded the continuation of Take Two in London and Salford until 2014 and the piloting of the programme in Finland and Bulgaria. Building on the strong partnership Hammersmith & Fulham EBP already has with the Salford Foundation we will be working with HUMAK University of the Applied Science in Helsinki and School 127 in Sophia to trial Take Two Europe.  The programme will launch in October and our European colleagues will visit London and Salford in November for a study tour to see Take Two in action.

On top of this success on Tuesday 17th July we were able, courtesy of HammersmithLondon, to premiere films produced by students from local schools across the borough as part of Take Two. The students, their teachers and members of the public were all able to enjoy the films from the vantage of deck chairs in the square on what turned out to be, thankfully, a gloriously sunny lunchtime. The Lady Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham, Councillor Belinda Donovan said ‘This event was absolutely fantastic and it was so good to see the turnout of all the students showcasing their talents. It was clear to see that students who attended derived a well-deserved sense of achievement from seeing their finalised project on the wonderful Big Screen’. We hope the students on Take Two next year have as much to be proud of! 

The Big Smoke


 Salford students outside Phoenix's new 6th Form Block

Following the success of a visit to Salford by Take Two students from London, students from Salford visited London just before Easter.  The group were given a student led tour of Phoenix High School which encompassed sights ranging from the commercial gym to the school farm.  In just two days the students also visited BBC Television Centre and the Imperial War Museum, took an evening bus tour of the city, had a trip on the London eye and cruised down the river from the Millennium Pier to Tower Bridge.

The trip ended with unseasonably fantastic weather as students from both regions worked together in teams on a treasure hunt along the Southbank.  The students really enjoyed their trip with one commenting that it taught her how to ‘get along with new people’ and another pointedly remarking that London ‘is a lot dearer that Salford!’

Plans are afoot to look at expanding the Take Two project to other areas in Europe so the next exchange could be international…watch this space!


 London and Salford Take Two students on the London Eye

Sporting Ambitions

Queens Park Rangers extra time club for the over 60’s have teamed up with students aged 14-15 from Henry Compton School for a second time to make a short film about the young people’s sporting ambitions. In the first part of the project, which was filmed in the autumn term, students asked the extra timers questions about their sporting memories, including lots of questions about the 1966 world cup, the final of which some of the Extra Timers saw live!

This time around the extra timers wanted to ask the students questions on their sporting ambitions. The students prepared for their interviews by

On the day of the filming BBC Outreach organised a camera man to show the Extra Timers how to operate the cameras and they took it in turns to ask questions and film the interviews.   We look forward to seeing the finished film once the editing process is complete!

The Graduates


Students celebrate their graduation from the Take Two Programme

We cant believe it has been a year since the Take Two programme launched in the Media Village in White City.  Since then the programme has launched successfully at Media City in Salford and the first cohorts of students in both areas met during the London students visit to Salford in October.

The graduation was a chance to celebrate the success of the first cohort of students on the project.  Alongside mentoring during this year’s Take Two programme students have been set various communication challenges by BBC staff, including creating a radio show and producing a documentary on local people's sporting memories.  Two students on the scheme spoke about just how beneficial they found their year on the scheme.

Mentor Beth Waggitt works in Factual Production at the BBC and said: “I really enjoyed being a part of last year’s Take Two scheme. Not only did I feel I was having a positive effect on someone else’s life I also found that I took a great deal of joy and learning from it myself. To see a teenager able to develop their communication abilities and mature as a person was a very rewarding experience. I look forward to being part of this year’s scheme.”

Beth mentored Kelcei and talking about her time on the scheme Kelcei said: ' I got on really well with Beth and found her really supportive'

The event also saw the awarding of the Antony Lillis Volunteer of the Year award named after a former local councillor who was a passionate supporter of employee volunteering.  The winner, Jackie Ferguson, international marketing manager at BBC Worldwide, hailed the scheme as a great success and said that she would keep in touch with her mentee, Lauren, beyond the end of the scheme and believed that other mentors would do the same.

We hope we will have as much to celebrate next year!

North and South

Byker Grove or Grange Hill?  For children of the ‘80’s this was an all important question that said more about where you lived than your preference for gritty teen drama.  The north south divide in the UK can sometimes appear to be a chasm.  Take Two is pleased to be working with schools on both sides of the Watford Gap to boost students’ communication skills, confidence and self esteem.

    In October we took Take Two students from Phoenix High School in west London to meet their counterparts on the Salford wing of the project.  Together the students visited the new BBC offices in the Media City UK complex on Salford Quays, took a tour of Old Trafford and explored the Imperial War Museum North.  On the second day of the exchange the Phoenix students visited Albion High School where they go the chance to have lunch with other Take Two students followed by meeting the whole school in the playground.

The students got a lot out of the experience and are looking forward to welcoming the Salford students to London in March 2012.

Two Phoenix Students on the Manchester United Tour

Two Phoenix Students on the Manchester United Tour

Coming soon...

Sporting Memories

A documentary feature on the sporting recollections of Queens Park Rangers’ Extra Time Club.

Brought to you by Take Two students from Henry Compton School.

Forum Theatre Training - 19th September & 31st October

Hammersmith and Fulham EBP’s Forum Theatre training in September is very timely indeed.  There have been suggestions in recent days that the young people across inner-city Britain who participated in the riots had lost their moral compass.  A protest about the death of a man in Tottenham spiralled into a city wide frenzy of looting and violence that bore little connection to its initial spark. 
Clearly the acts of wanton vandalism and petty theft that we have experienced over the last few days are inexcusable and we need to ensure that our young people do not follow in the footsteps of a very small minority of their peers. Boal’s Forum Theatre method may help us to get through to young Londoners at risk of excluding themselves from society by getting a criminal record.  By giving young people the opportunity to act out scenarios from their lives that cause tension between them and their parents, teachers or wider adult society, we hope young people can be steered away from some of the activity that played out on our streets this week.

Diana, at the EBP, thought that the training could not be more timely.

‘If we can get our education professionals using the Forum Theatre method with our young people we may be able to diffuse some of the tension seen on our streets in recent days.  Our young people need to realise that there are big consequences for decisions made in haste to participate in acts of looting and criminal damage for short term gain.  A focus on the destructive impact of such an outlook on wider social cohesion and their own well being will allow England’s urban teenagers to realise the greater pleasure and impact on their own well being of working with their community rather than against it.’

Mentors meet Mentees - March - May 2011

LBHF Education Business Partnership has been continuing to promote the applications of Forum Theatre techniques in anticipation of our Forum Theatre training session for local practitioners in September.  Following Jon and Diana’s trip to Denmark to learn about Forum Theatre techniques from Risto Ruottunen from HUMAK in Finland Jon has been putting some of these techniques into practice in the Education Business Partnership’s Take 2 Project.  The training session in March covered a sample of the vast range of Forum Theatre techniques available ranging from warm ups, to value exercises and Forum Theatre plays themselves.

The key strand of the Take 2 Project is the mentoring of young people from Hammersmith & Fulham schools by volunteers from supportive local employers in the borough.  In March, April and May the first of these meetings took place and, for our students, this was a nerve wracking experience.  We needed to find activities that would both make the students more confident in speaking to their mentors and break the ice for both mentor and mentee.  Our first warm up exercise was a game of ‘Human Bingo’ where mentors and mentees moved around the room asking each other questions in order to find people who matched the criteria on their cards.  For example the students and mentors had to find someone in the room who ‘had been to China’ and record their name.  This allowed the students and mentors to find out more about each other as a group.  Following on from this activity we decided to test run some of the value exercises demonstrated by Risto in our March training session in Vejle.

One of the value exercises demonstrated by Risto involved a room being split into two with two concepts on each side of the room, for example Summer and Winter.  Participants in the exercise needed to decide which side of the room they would choose to stand in depending on whether they preferred Summer or Winter.  Participants then had to discuss with others on their side of the room why they liked the concepts chosen.  This exercise allowed mentors and mentees to both find out what they had in common, and indeed where they differed.  The exercise represented a fun and informal way for mentors and mentees to find out more about each other and we hope that this was a good start to some successful mentoring relationships.

Take 2 Launch

Hammersmith and Fulham Education Business Partnership launched the Take 2 Project at the BBC’s White City HQ on 3rd March of this year and are pleased to be able to use the Leonardo programme’s support to make Forum Theatre techniques an integral part of this project.

The Take Two project focuses on improving the speaking and listening skills of 13-15 year olds from disadvantaged areas in Hammersmith & Fulham in London and Salford in the North of England.  The scheme involves the students being mentored by employees from local companies including the BBC and Leo Burnett in London and the Lowry Theatre in Salford.  The students will then also mentor younger students from local primary schools to support them with their reading.  By being mentored and becoming mentors we hope the young people will improve their communication skills, raising their self esteem and improving their career prospects in the future.

Alongside the mentoring aspect we will be running three sub-projects across the schools involved in the scheme: Communication though Broadcasting, Communication through Advertising and Communication through Forum Theatre.  Students from Phoenix High School have recorded and will be editing a radio programme on ‘Where We Are From’ which involved the students interviewing Linford Christie, ex-England footballer Les Ferdinand and the manager of the UK’s 3rd largest department store, Westfield London.  The show will be broadcast to students from Salford to give them an insight in to Hammersmith and Fulham before they visit the area on an exchange trip.  The Communication through advertising section of the project will involve students working with Leo Burnett, one of the world’s premiere ad agencies, to develop an advertising campaign to promote the local area.

Last, but by no means least, the students will work on Communication through Forum Theatre.  We hope to get the students to input dilemmas from their daily lives and work to resolve these in a Forum Theatre interactive role play setting.  This will help students find new ways to resolve conflict in and outside of school and to raise their self esteem by being better understood within their communities.   We look forward to Risto from HUMAK in Finland and Mads from VIFIN in Denmark coming to the UK in September to train our education professionals and kick start this aspect of the Take Two Project.