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Increasing the life chances of young people through improved communications skills.

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Take Two Europe

With the success of the UK Take Two Project, partners were keen to introduce the model elsewhere. Consequently, the Take Two Europe project was launched in October 2012.   Take Two Europe has taken a slightly different angle and is creating two training modules for education professionals.

Take Two Europe is running from October 2012 - October 2014. This project builds on the initial Take Two project by piloting the method in Bulgarian and Finnish educational settings. This project is a collaboration between four organisations across three countries:

Take Two Europe (EU Project: 526963-LLP-2012-UK-COMENIUS-CMP / 2012-3839)

 Module 1

Working with young people with speaking and listening difficulties:
This module aims to assist education professionals in working with young people with a range of communications difficulties ranging from limited vocabulary and attention deficits to culturally specific communication barriers such as eye contact.

Module 2

Making Education Business Links:
This module aims to support education professionals in setting up links with local businesses to improve work related learning and careers education activities for their students.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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