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Tri Borough EBP

The Tri-borough Education Business Partnership (EBP) was established in Autumn 2012 through a merger of existing EBPs and covers the London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.  The EBP seeks to raise the achievement of learners in the tri-borough area through linking local schools and colleges with employers in the local area.  The EBP facilitates this through activities such as work experience, work related learning, business mentoring and enterprise activities.  These activities are specifically targeted at preparing the tri-borough area’s young people to form the work force of the future.

Partners include:


Tri-borough Education Business partnership

Salford Foundation


HUMAK University of Applied Sciences


School 127 Ivan Denkoglu



Salford Foundation

Salford Foundation is an organisation that supports the vocational, personal, social and academic development of young people and adults in Salford and other boroughs of Greater Manchester. It provides opportunities for those in education, business and the wider community to work together for their mutual advantage. The Foundation values the contribution that businesses and members of the local community make in supporting this work. Together we work with children, young people and adults to maximise their potential and provide bespoke support to take individuals on a journey from where they are now to where they want to be by opening the doors to opportunity.

School 127 Ivan Denkoglu

School 127 Ivan Denkoglu, Sofia, Bulgaria is a comprehensive (primary and secondary) school. All of the pupils learn English as a first foreign language. The school’s excellent work with parent groups, business partners and university teachers and students also ensures the pupils’ well-being. In addition, the pupils themselves contribute widely to the community and older pupils effectively support younger ones through mentoring in a variety of activities. The overall objectives of our institution are to reinforce the European education model. In particular, we wish to further develop our staff's knowledge of the European experience, by encouraging transnational cooperation between schools and by promoting the learning of languages and intercultural awareness.


Humak is a University of Applied Sciences that is an expert and a leading educator in the humanities and pedagogy as well as cultural management in the whole of Finland. We prepare students for tasks requiring human interaction, tolerance, and respect for others. We offer the Degree Programmes in Civic Activities and Youth Work, Cultural Management and Sign Language. Humak also offers continuing education and extension studies in the form of adult education, retraining and upgrading of qualifications, specialization studies, open university instruction and other extension studies. Research and development form one of the basic duties of Humak. Their purpose is to develop instruction at the university and to serve the needs of the labour market.