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Increasing the life chances of young people through improved communications skills.

The Take Two Partnership and Time for Change Funded through The Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Take Two: Time for Change is a Paul Hamlyn funded programme with the aim to increase retention and engagement for post-16 students. A key objective is to increase achievement and the attainment of qualifications for those young people most likely to fail or drop out of the education and training process. Many young people lack confidence or are simply lost in the whole process of learning and transition. In responding to these concerns we are developing a variety of career planning activities that will enable a successful and informed post 16 transition. Take Two: Time For Change is a partnership between the Salford Foundation and the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.  

Building on the success of our initial Take Two project and now the Take Two Partnership, our goal is to provide interesting and creative opportunities to support a successful transition and engender a sense of optimism and excitement, to give young people hope for the future and encourage them to look at career planning in a totally different way.

Tapping into new developments in mentoring/coaching and the evolution of business ethics through corporate social responsibility (CSR) structures, we are developing dynamic and creative partnerships between young people and Business. Therefore building  and preserving a strong link between business organisations and education institutions.