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Project Activities

Working with employers, the partnership is:

Overseeing and developing a Transition programme in partnership with school/college staff and business volunteers and this transition programme, will see all participants offered an opportunity that will prepare them for the requirements of post-16 education and beyond. This incorporates the following activities:

  • Manage Presentations and discussions with young people in years 12 and 13, identifying some of the issues that they have faced
  • Negotiate Business input with employees feeding into careers and action planning workshops, including presentations and discussions from a young employee from a local business – e.g. skills needed for the workplace & what students should concentrate on.
  • Facilitate Motivational  Mentoring/coaching and time management, to prepare young people for the more relaxed ‘hands-off’ approach of educators in years 12 and 13
  • Assist in partnership with employee volunteers the development of Report-writing skills
  • Negotiate Volunteering opportunities for young people with input from local agencies

Business Mentoring

A key aspect of  Take Two: Time For Change is the development and management of a Business Mentoring Programme to support individual students with career planning. Our own experience, based on evaluations from previous and current Take Two projects has demonstrated the astonishing impact on young people of a special relationship with a volunteer from the world of work. All this clearly illustrates that these mentor partnerships often last for considerably longer than one year and that this longer relationship is of huge benefit to the young people. Please see the link to evaluations.